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Professionally coaching for three years following a twenty year career in education, I specialize in transformational, and voice dialogue coaching. As a coach, I am invested in a partnership which allows clients to find clarity and serene confidence in the changes they seek. I believe clients come to me whole, capable and resourceful, and I hold tenaciously to that wholeness as we uncover squashed dreams, discover gifts, explore beliefs, and choose actions that make your goals a reality. As you figure out the individual pieces, I tend to the larger picture--a beautiful mosaic of experience fashioned into an exquisite dynamic masterpiece. My approach is to empower you to build on your strengths and tap into your knowledge, wisdom and passion. I’ll bring a bold curiosity and powerful questions, and I'll hold you accountable to develop insight, design action, and move your life and profession to its full potential. The result—unlimited possibility and lasting change from the inside out. I am an active member of the International Coach Federation (ICF) and serve as Co-Director of Programs, Education and Credentialing for Puget Sound Coaches Association, the Puget Sound ICF chapter. I am credentialed by ICF as a certified professional coach—CPC, ACC. In addition to coaching, I serve as the Executive Director of Northwest Educational Resources Association, and I practice as a Reiki Master in the Usui System of Reiki Healing. Before coaching, I taught --Freshman English, served on the building instructional leadership team, and supervised several extra curricular programs. For five years, I worked as a sales consultant for a national educational publisher. I received my BA in English from Gonzaga University and Coach Training from Invite Change Accredited Coach Training Program.

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